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As a manufacturer based in China, we are proud to offer our wireless home CCTV NVR kits to merchants who want to provide their customers with high-quality, reliable video surveillance equipment. Our wireless home CCTV NVR kit is a complete security system designed to provide uninterrupted surveillance for residential and commercial premises. Our products are equipped with advanced features such as motion detection, email alerts, multi-channel playback and remote access, which make them ideal investments for businesses and homes looking for a reliable and efficient monitoring solution.

Our products are easy to install and use. Our products are designed with the end user in mind and our products provide a great user experience. Cameras and NVRs can be installed quickly and easily, requiring no technical expertise. In addition, the system is user-friendly with an intuitive interface for easy operation.

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AHD Kits

AHD (Analog High Definition) kits provide high-resolution video, ensuring clear and detailed surveillance footage. They allow for longer cable runs without signal degradation, and they’re less susceptible to interference. AHD kits are cost-effective, facilitating an easy transition from analog to digital systems. They also support real-time and remote monitoring capabilities.

NVR Kits

NVR (Network Video Recorder) kits offer high-definition video recording from IP cameras. They provide scalability, accommodating more cameras as needed. These kits support remote viewing through internet-connected devices, facilitating real-time monitoring. Enhanced features like motion detection and alert notifications add to their security benefits. Additionally, they use digital signals, ensuring clearer image quality.

POE Kits

PoE (Power over Ethernet) kits simplify the installation of network devices, as they combine data and power supply in a single Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for separate power adapters. They support high-resolution cameras and ensure stable performance. Additionally, they offer scalability, remote access, and enhanced surveillance features like motion detection and alerts.

10.1 Inch All-in-one 5.0MP Wireless LCD NVR Kits

Experience unmatched convenience with our high-definition surveillance kits. Streamline your security system with easy installation and advanced features.

Ultra HD

Face Detection

Motion Detection

Email Alarm

Remote Viewing

Where should security cameras be installed?

BOKYSEE outdoor security cameras are weatherproof, which means you can mount them where you need them most.

Mount The Camera At A High Place

This will protect the camera from vandalism and provide wider coverage.

Stay In The Shelter

This will reduce the effect of precipitation on the quality of safety footage.

Barrier Free

Keep the lens clear of obstacles to maximize the field of view.

Away From Light Sources

Install the camera and keep the lens away from direct light sources to protect the lens.

Protect The Camera Cable

Install on the side, soffit, or ceiling of a building to hide cables.

Obvious Location

Security cameras exist to deter would-be intruders.

our process

Product Customization Service


Various Advanced Chipset


Customized Durable housing & color

Your Logo

Silk-screen your logo on camera case


Custom-branded premium packaging design


Print your Model No.& content on label

User Manual

Print your language & design manual

our process

Product Customization Service


Various Advanced Chipset


Customized Durable shap & color

Your Logo

Silk-screen your logo on camera case


Print your Model No.& content on label

User Manual

Print your language & design manual


Custom-branded premium packaging design

One-stop CCTV Kits Manufacturer for Your DIY Demand

As a leading manufacturer, we provide businesses with top-of-the-line CCTV Kits for optimal security solutions. Delivering innovative and cutting-edge CCTV Kits, empowering businesses with advanced security solutions.


One-stop CCTV Kits Manufacturer

Bokysee is leading Manufacturer of CCTV Security Camera and Smart Home System for more than 10 years in China, dedicated to provide professional One-stop solutions for CCTV Wholesale & Project. Combining R&D, marketing, and production, we offer a full range of CCTV system solutions to global B2B clients. Our products are including IP Cameras, Wireless Cameras, Smart WiFi Cameras, Solar Battery Cameras, Analog Cameras, DVR&NVR, CCTV Kits etc.. As a trusted partner, we deliver high-quality products at affordable prices, supported by our R&D Team, strictly quality control and prompt response service. Our products have been shipped to over 80 countries and regions in Europe, South America, Middle East etc.. We are ready to help you win more market share. Let us work together to build a safer and smarter world.

Bokysee is your reliable source for high-quality CCTV security cameras and smart home systems. Our one-stop supply chain offers high-end intelligent life experiences to global B2B markets. Our products include solar-powered cameras, dual-lens security cameras, smart Wi-Fi cameras, battery Wi-Fi cameras, CCTV kits, and analog&IP cameras.

We are committed to developing more innovative, secure, and comfortable smart home products. Our strict quality control and efficient service have earned us an excellent reputation among our overseas customers. With our products shipped to over 80 countries and regions in Europe, North America, South America, etc., we are ready to help you win more market share.

Why Choose Us

We integrate R&D, marketing and production to provide wireless CCTV Kits system solutions for DIY WiFi Kits.

10+ Years Manufacturer Experience

Full experience for some famous brands

OEM/ODM Service

Silk-screen logo, Customized Housing, Label, Box,etc.

Fast Delivery

3-5 days for sample order; 7-14 days for bulk order

Good Quality

High repeat order rate because of our good raw material & strictly qulity control

Value for Money

Good quality and low price, high cost performance


Support Wholesale and Retail

Customer Visit

At BOKYSEE, we work around the clock to provide the best technical support for your products.

Cooperation Process

Choose Your Style

Select from a variety of CCTV camera styles to fit your needsand preferences, and confirm the quantity

Signing The Contract

Secure your purchase with acontract that clearly outlinesdetails such as Security Cameras delivery timewarranty, and return policy

Arrange Production

Our professional team will arrange production Surveillance Cameras and ensure qualitycontrol throughout the process

Arrange Shipping

Once production is complete, wewill arrange shipping to deliver your CCTV cameras in a timely and efficient manner

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 Hear from our satisfied customers and see why they choose Bokysee CCTV Kits.


Precision is the key to crafting superior cameras. From raw materials testing to thorough quality checks, it all happens at Bokysee manufacturing facility.

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Provide customers with safer and smarter products with high-quality services

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