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Bokysee is a leading security camera manufacturer based in China, your premier destination for all your surveillance needs. Residential property or a commercial establishment, our one-stop solution ensures that you have access to cutting-edge technology and reliable support.
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Diverse Security Cameras Tailored to Your Needs

As a professional manufacturer and supplier, Bokysee offers a wide selection of security cameras available for wholesale and complete surveillance projects.

IP Camera

Discover a diverse selection of SD and UHD security IP cameras, including bullet IP cameras, dome IP cameras & PoE IP cameras to safeguard home or business with top-notch surveillance.

Wireless Camera

Top-quality smart WiFi cameras, solar security cameras, 4G cameras, & mini spy cameras available for wholesale. From indoor to outdoor options, we offer versatile solutions to enhance your security setup.

PTZ Camera

Discover our comprehensive PTZ camera solutions for sale, offering AHD PTZ cameras, IP PTZ cameras, and PoE PTZ cameras to meet your surveillance needs.

AHD Camera

Discover our high-quality AHD cameras, including bullet and dome designs, for clear images and reliable performance.

Video Recorder

Discover our selection of DVRs for sale and NVRs for wholesale. They’re the perfect components to build reliable security camera surveillance systems.


Explore our selection of CCTV kits for sale to enhance your security, including cameras, cables, DVR/NVR, and accessories.

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Enhanced Security Camera Surveillance Possibilities

Flexible OEM & ODM options, as well as in-depth customization for security cameras. Contact us if you need more support.

Casing Options

A diverse selection of shell designs. New mold design is supported.

Chipset Options

Supported by well-known and certified brands, such as Xiongmai, Xirui Vision, Enze, Taos Vision, and Uniview,

Lens Options

2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm, 8mm, 2.8-12mm, 5-50mm, etc. Wide options for customization.

Lighting Panel Customization

Tailored lighting panels can be matched to the shell, offering options for full color, Array LED, and customizable red-blue alarms.

Logo Imprinting Options

Offered on the product through printing or laser engraving.

Value-added Customization Options

Customized product packaging box and instruction manual and so on.

One-stop Surveillance Solutions for
Diverse Applications

Bokysee provides a comprehensive selection of security camera solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Our practical and effective camera security systems are tailored for residential areas, commercial premises, corporate offices, public transportation, and more.

About Bokysee

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R&D Experts

Bokysee Technology Co., Ltd. is a reputable security camera company based in China. With over 10 years of manufacturing experience, our dedicated teams offer unique surveillance solutions for projects worldwide.

Our range of CCTV cameras are designed to enhance everyday life and bring more joy to everyday living. We offer IP camera, wireless camera, PTZ camera, AHD camera, DVR&NVR, CCTV kits and more.

Our strong relationships with source suppliers improve our supply chain, allowing us to better meet the wholesale needs of our clients.

10+ Years Security Camera Manufacturing

Bokysee owns a dedicated team of more than 150 employees, and a 3000 square meter workshop, we specialize in delivering high-quality security camera products.

Customized Security Camera Solutions: OEM & ODM

From personalized cases and labels to silk-screen logos and packaging, we ensure your project receives the attention it deserves.

Comprehensive CCTV Procurement Solutions

Our one-stop service offering a full range of CCTV products tailored to your project's needs. Benefit from low minimum order quantities, fast delivery, and significant savings in both cost and time.

Why Choose Us?

Explore Our Production Processes

SMT Line

High-speed SMT machines create the intricate electronic circuits that power our CCTV cameras.

Raw Material Testing

Every component used in our cameras undergoes rigorous testing to ensure consistent quality.

Case Assembling

Our skilled technicians carefully assemble the camera casing, ensuring a perfect fit for all components.

Dispenser Machine

Adhesive is precisely applied to ensure product stability and durability, meeting Bokysee's strict quality standards.

Final Assembling

In the final assembly stage, all components come together to form a complete CCTV camera.

Airtightness Testing

Cameras undergo stringent airtightness testing to ensure they can withstand harsh environments.

Finished Camera Testing

A comprehensive testing process ensures each camera meets our high standards before shipping.

Silk-screen Logo

Your logo can be silk-screened onto the camera case, symbolizing the pinnacle of CCTV camera craftsmanship.

Stringent Inspection to Ensure the Best Quality

As a trusted security camera manufacturer, Bokysee rigorously adheres to comprehensive testing processes to ensure that each camera meets our exacting standards for performance, durability, and reliability.

Exterior Inspection

Ensure the product's exterior is intact, free from scratches, dents, or other damages.

Lens Testing

Assess the clarity, zoom, and focusing capabilities of the lens to ensure image quality meets standards.

Image Quality Assessment

Evaluate the images captured by the camera, considering factors such as resolution, color accuracy, contrast, and brightness.

Functionality Testing

Verify that all camera functions operate correctly, including image capture, video recording, and remote control.

Low-Light Performance Evaluation

Test the camera's performance in low-light conditions to ensure it can still capture clear images in dim or nighttime situations.

Waterproof and Dustproof Testing

Conduct tests to confirm the camera's ability to withstand outdoor environments and resist adverse weather conditions.

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Sarah Thompson, Homeowner Designation

"I installed Bokysee's 4K security cameras and the image quality is amazing. The night vision provides clear footage even in complete darkness, giving me peace of mind 24/7. Installation was easy, and the remote access is very convenient. Highly recommend!"

Mark Johnson, Small Business Owner .

"The NVR kit we purchased is fantastic with its high-resolution video and user-friendly interface. Motion detection alerts keep us informed, and remote monitoring is a game-changer. Great value for the price!"

Emily Davis, Property Manager Designation

"Bokysee's POE cameras have simplified installation and eliminated the need for extra power supplies. The cameras provide excellent coverage, and the smart alarm features have already deterred suspicious activity. Very satisfied with my purchase!"